I’m D.H.Lee, thanks for stopping by.

Have you ever watched a cop show or spy movie, the kind with lots of explosions, car chases and bullets flying, the sort where the villains get their just deserts and the hero walks off into the sunset. They are exciting and gripping; if only we could do that in real life. No, in real life there’d be so much paper work it would be unbelievable…..but what if there was a dedicated team of hard working individuals to do it all for you. Welcome to my fictional tongue in cheek  world of what if…… enjoy.

I’ve been writing for pleasure for a number of years and have so far failed in every attempt to persuade literary agents of my genius. As well as an over inflated sense of ego, I am also profoundly dyslexic. I say this, not to elicit sympathy but rather to beg forgiveness for the no doubt numerous typo’s and interesting punctuation.