The Americans are coming !

The war on terror has brought number of changes to the way we work. We’ve always cooperated with our allies… a point…the trouble is that national interests often trump international loyalties, and its always a balancing act trying to juggle these two issues.

But it’s a changing world, and we’re having to work with more international agencies than we’ve had to before, the whole sharing information thing. We all have the same concerns and so this should be a relatively simple process… once the protocols are established… I said should be.

When it comes to America, things are a little different. America are our biggest ally, and to say that we owe them, is an understatement. If America hadn’t supplied Britain and decided to take on Germany before tackling Japan, the aftermath of the Battle of Britain may have been significantly different.

 Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t exactly holding back when it came to Mr Hitler. The simple fact was, that, although far from finished, there were one or two rounds then we were on the ropes.

I am a big fan of Americans, they have that can do attitude, that’s rather infectious. Their education system fosters it from an early age, it’s the exact opposite of what we do, children should be seen and not heard!  Although I honestly don’t know what we’d do without boarding schools. They provide what may possibly be, the best covert Op’s training in the world. Living in fear, hiding your feelings, the brutal interrogations, Okay, the Headmaster trying to find out who raided the tuck shop isn’t exactly waterboarding, but it’s close enough. Where else can you get that at such a formative age.

A new Ambassador to the court of St James has just been appointed, that’s the American Ambassador to give him his less formal title. The upshot is that he or more accurately ‘they’ are being given the grand tour. Ambassadors never go anywhere without an entourage, and in this case they have the look of C.I.A about them. 

Head of section gives us the skinny, the C.I.A need our assistance. The great and mighty central intelligence agency need Sir Richard Privitt. All they have to do, is to distract the politician, they know it, we know it…..he has no clue.

Mr Ambassador is doing what all politicians do when they don’t really know what to do. He smiles and nods a lot, before trying to crack a joke. 

“Working on anything interesting ?…no don’t tell me…you may have to kill me, am I right ?…We wouldn’t want an international incident now…Ha…Ha.”

He helps himself to one of  Neil’s biscuits.

The  C.I.A representative rolls his eyes.

“Sir, these kind gentlemen have arranged a demonstration in the Armoury.”

Colin takes one for the team, and escorts the Ambassador out of the way. Neils eyes never leave the Ambassador. He’ll never know how close he came to that incident.

“He’s from Texas…if you’ve got anything that makes a big bang.”

“We have a thermos flask thats proving quite popular.”

“I don’t know what that is…..”

Neil suggests the Ambassador should try the bullet proof vests. Hell it would seem, hath no fury like a biscuit-less man. 

Mr C.I.A comes straight to the point.

“We need Sir Richard to stage a distraction.”

“What do you have in mind?” 

“Monaco,…we’d need him to make a splash, we’re thinking yacht in the harbour…celebrities…the whole nine yards.”

“Why Sir Richard ?”

“Ozzy Osbourne wasn’t available.”

“We’d need a suitable yacht, we usually us The SunBorn, but it’s currently in Gibraltar.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Sam will cover that …would you like a Helipad….?”

“The harbours not that deep…, if we moor it further out..that would be perfect. We’ll arrange a midnight firework display…..should get peoples attention.”

“And you guys can handle the publicity ?”

Neil nods and picks up the phone.

“Whats our time frame?”

“A week from now, I wish I could tell you guys the reason for all this….but… know.”

“You’d have to kill us ?”

Mr C.I.A just smiles and walks away, calling over his shoulder.

“Yep something like that.”

“…..You could try….” Replies Neil snatching the biscuits off his desk.

So… it would appear we’re throwing a party and the Americans are paying………RESULT !

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